Title: "Green lighting" upgrade will bring what
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Earlier this month, the national development and Reform Commission issued "the elimination of incandescent roadmap", announced that from October 1, 2012 ban the import and sale of more than 100 watt ordinary incandescent lighting, to 2016 phasing out incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamps and other energy efficient lighting products promotion. This "green lighting" upgrade, will bring to our life what good?
Energy saving:
13 watt energy saving lamp is equivalent to 60 watt incandescent lamp
Why do you want to eliminate incandescent lamps, the promotion of energy-saving lamps? Jiangsu Province Institute of Metrology Optical Metrology Engineer Liu Hui to reporters the second light-emitting principle: incandescent lamp by electricity to light the tungsten, tungsten filament emits bright light under the high temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius, its disadvantages is obvious: only about 10% of the electrical energy can be converted into light, other energy into heat in vain distributed. While the energy saving lamp is emitted by the filament electron impact mercury atoms, resulting in the ultraviolet light is absorbed into the visible light absorption of light, electric energy of about 80% can be converted into light. Generally speaking, a 13 watt energy-saving lamps, the brightness on top of a 60 watt incandescent lamp, and the former life of 6000 hours, is 6 times the incandescent lamp, so energy-saving lamps is an efficient lighting products. According to the "road map" estimates, the elimination of incandescent lights up to 48 billion degrees, reducing carbon dioxide emissions of 48 million tons, is a national participation in the cause of green environmental protection.
China Association of lighting Shengping Liu Secretary long told reporters in a telephone interview said that phasing out of incandescent lamps is ripe. China from 1996 began to engage in the green lighting project, the production of energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps from 1:34 growth year to 2010 1:1, energy-saving lamp market share rose to 85% in 2010, from 20% in 1996, during from abroad has been $14 million in the global environment fund, for technological upgrading of enterprises and energy-saving lamps subsidy, and now the introduction of elimination of incandescent lamps policy can be described as proper meantime.
According to Liu, secretary general introduction, China's energy saving lamp production and sales accounted for more than 80% of the world, more than 60% of the global product exports around the world. China's energy-saving lamp product quality has reached the international advanced level, its mercury content has been upgraded from a liquid to a solid state, and the content down to 1.5 mg or so, the environmental pollution is very small. However, she also reminded consumers should avoid the purchase of fake and inferior products, so as to avoid excessive mercury levels.
Save money:
The province has a total of 84 points of sale at least 50 percent off
According to the "road map", the state of energy-saving lamps for sale implement government subsidies, from 2008 onwards, the beginning of the promotion of bidding enterprises in the country, the successful sale of each enterprise a energy-saving lamp, can get 50% of the financial subsidies, all have also issued subsidy policy. This means that consumers can buy at least 50 percent off of the price of energy-saving lamps. Up to now, the country has been promoting 500 million energy-saving lamps.
Provincial Commission by letter of the office staff Hu Zhengxin told reporters that the province will be announced every year, the provincial financial subsidies to the designated point of sale. Published in the province by the letter on the website of the 2011 annual sales points a total of 84, distributed in 13 cities in the province, there are only 18 in Nanjing.
Reporter according to published dialed the phone Changzhou Wujin people shopping in the phone, counter sales Ms Wu told reporters that everyone can by local ID to buy 10 energy-saving lamp, because local government subsidies, consumers only need to pay the price of 1 / 3, 45 yuan can buy a energy-saving lamp tube.
Energy-saving bulbs from China top ten enterprises in Zhenjiang qiangling Sales Director Wang Qingsheng told reporters that the company three years in Jiangsu popularized a total of more than 400 million energy-saving lamps only, in the country will promote the 600 million this year. The company owned enterprises in the province only a energy-saving lamp recycling production line, the bad light put into Sweden imported production line, plastic, copper, glass, fluorescent powder and mercury can recycling, the production cycle, to reduce the pollution of the environment. Consumers can turn to the company's recycling point of waste energy-saving lamps, every 10 bad lights can be replaced with a new light.
Experts teach you how to buy eye protection lamp
Although the energy-saving lamps have become the mainstream of the purchase, but there are still consumers said the color of energy-saving lamps are not satisfied. House is being renovated Ms. Xue said that every time in the bathroom mirror, see a pale face, she still miss that kind of natural color of the incandescent lamp.
In a primary school parents QQ group, parents communicate to their children to buy what kind of lamp: some in the supermarket to buy eye protection lamp, and some online shopping a 600 yuan LED lights, and the general incandescent lamp. So, what kind of light is the most eye protection? Secretary General of the association of lighting province Yanci told reporters that incandescent closest to the sun from the natural light, and household energy-saving lamp light source is made of red, blue and green color combination, and natural light 80% of proximity, and LED lamp with a blue light, the retina whether injury still needs to be further studied. She thinks, children learn, preferred 25 watt incandescent lamp, if you want to use energy-saving lamps, should mainly temperature reference index, let salesman with color temperature in the 4100k or 4500 K of energy-saving lamps, the light is white with yellow, the human eye the most comfortable, to maximize the protection of eyesight.
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