Title: 2016 China International Lighting Design Competition will be held in Shanghai
Views: 2268 Date: 2016-04-18
2016 on March 29 in the afternoon, 2016 China International Lighting Design Competition exchange will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center, conference organized by the China Association of lighting, lamps and lanterns, lighting engineering, electric light source, lamp holder and lamp with electric appliance accessories in China according to the association of professional committee of Association, from the lighting industry designers and experts, more than 60 people to attend.
Deputy Secretary General of China according to the association Wen Qidong introduces 2016 the Fifth China International Lighting design competition background, schedule and the latest award is set, in order to further enhance the innovation ability and design level of the lighting industry, improve the visibility of the competition, to create a platform for the industry to display the talents and 2016 contest the total prize money of more than 100 million yuan. Meeting, Secretary Wen long with you review the previous entries, while sharing the Frankfurt Lighting Fair this year in part of the boutique lamps and lanterns, through examples are summarized from the winning entries in ten energy-saving, integration, healthy, intelligent, market characteristics.
Beijing to build Margot State Environmental Art Design Director Mr. Yuan lighting design room report "on the lighting design". Director of the horse through the case of the United States, Spain, Italy and other countries a plurality of lighting products, from the order, scale, shape and other aspects of the summed up the lamp product design in terms of technical connotation, the connotation of art and lighting properties characteristic of
Yu fan, associate professor of School of design, Southern Yangtze University use "story" as a clue, from the Enlightenment of the light, the light of life, physical light to light the light of science and technology, art and design of optical, to international school student work and enterprise of lighting products, for example on innovative product design philosophy. At the same time, I hope the fifth session of the international lighting design competition to "five Feng Gu lamp": to reach the level of internationalization and visibility, become independent innovation design and display platform, to create an international brand design, guide the transformation of industry design, improve the international status and influence.
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