Title: LED filament lamp market this year, the fire, a lot of brands can not help but hit the
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Kibayashi Moriko acquisition
"The largest LED filament lamp manufacturers in china"
MLS Co., Ltd at noon on March 24 issued notice said company, a wholly owned subsidiary of MuLinSen Co., Ltd. on March 23 and Jian Guo Yan signed chaoshidai light source a letter of intent to purchase. Mu Linsen Co., Ltd. intends to cash to buy a 80% stake held by ultra era light source. After the initial determination of the transaction price by the two sides, ultra era light source 80% shares worth $300 million to $.
According to the disclosure, since the establishment of a strict foundation has been held over 100% of the shares of the era of ultra light source. As of December 31, 2015, the total amount of ultra era light source assets of $10 billion, net assets of $10 billion in 2015 operating income of $10 million, net profit of -206.76 million. Ultra time light source is the main assets of Sun company new and Green Lighting Co., Ltd. of land use rights, land ownership and its production equipment, etc..
New and in October 2007 by Jian Guo Yan funded the establishment, in October 2008 to April 2013 period by OSRAM Gesellschaft MIT Beschrankter haftung through new and indirect holding, April 2013 in the era of super light transferee OSRAM holdings and equity, to hold the new and 100% of the rights and interests.
New and mainly engaged in energy-saving lamps, LED lamps and parts, accessories, such as production, sales, for the country's largest LED filament lamp manufacturers.
Mu Linsen Co., Ltd. promised to maintain the super era light business stability and personnel stability. Also pointed out that the foreign investment in line with the company's development strategy, through the acquisition of the target group can be the fastest way to get led filament lamp technology and market share, and has active significance to enrich and rich company's LED lighting product line. At the same time, the Industrial Synergy and integration benefit based on the company's future performance of MuLinSen Co. will have a positive effect.
There is more
In the development of Linsen crystal electric filament lamp
Shot "quick, malicious, accurate" is the consistent style of Linsen lighting, it is understood, optimistic about the market prospects for the development of LED lamp filament, wood Linsen with crystal electric cooperation in the development of a new generation of LED light bulb. For the "Qiangqiang jointly", Lin Chi Lian such interpretation: "crystal electric is a global well-known led the upper reaches of the enterprise, and wood Linsen has more than ten years of strategic cooperation, and crystal in the filament and many patent layout, thus regarded as wood Linsen in development of filament lamp products, one of the important partners."
Lin Jiliang also said: "campaign market, wood Linsen never fight no battle unprepared, in addition to the cooperation with the electric crystal, Kibayashi Moriterua also to the in package technology and scale of production advantages, in close cooperation with the upstream and downstream partners, and seek common development.
Disclosed according to the Lin Jiliang, at present Linsen lighting LED lamp filament related products have complete mainstream market certification at home and abroad, and began distribution samples and quickly in the global scope, Linsen lighting will set off a "led lamp filament whirlwind".
Recently, Linsen lighting in addition and crystal electric cooperative development led filament lamp and move rather lead people to pay attention to, that is with the wafer in India joint venture set up a subsidiary. Lin Jiliang admitted that in order to meet the company faster and better achieve the "span type development, wood Linsen chose and wafer in India set up a joint venture subsidiary, the move is mainly in order to provide a better service to the fast growth of India's lighting market.
Yingjir: main LED filament lamp
On January 29, the small and medium-sized enterprises share transfer system announcements, Ingeo listing application is approved, and on the same day public transfer, stock code: 835709. This also means that, Guangdong Ingeo Science & Technology Co., Ltd successfully landed on the new board.
Guangdong Ingeo Science & Technology Co., Ltd was established on May 28, 2012. It has been adhering to the "professionalism, integrity, teamwork, innovation," the spirit of enterprise, is committed to in the research and development of LED technology, the main business for LED lamp, led cob light engine LED products segments research development, production and sales.
Following the 2009 in the industry took the lead in the introduction of "double 90" high power products, 2013 developed LED lamp filament and lamp, 2014 Ingeo has launched a grand cob light engine. The yingjir successfully boarded the new board, for the future development of plug in the wings of capital yingjir.
It is reported that Ingeo 360 degree led filament lamp, luminous efficiency up 180-200lm/w, certified by CE, UL, ERP, exported to all over the world. Cob industry-leading light engine, full wafer level packaging, small volume, easy to use, voltage 1200V, configuration, anti surge protective device is resistant to 10000v hypertension, to fill the domestic blank. Ingeo continued focus on products of cob light engine of innovation and research and development vision of the enterprise is China's most professional LED lighting engine supplier.
Hong Xin lighting franchise LED filament lamp
According to disclose Shenzhen richangjing Group Chairman Liu Qiyu, 2016, for richangjing group is the firepower of a year, according to the pace of the development of the company, richangjing group not only expand the production capacity, enhance the product price, lower product prices, also actively participated in the domestic major exhibitions, in order to gradually occupy the market.
It is understood that richangjing group's have two brands "Hongxin photoelectric" and "Hongxin lighting", which Hongxin lighting franchise led filament lamp. Liu, chairman of the board said that 2016 led filament lamps will usher in a better development, which for richangjing group is very important time.
LED lamp filament lamps have greater market means competition will become more intense. In order to seize the opportunities for development, October 2015, richangjing group in
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