Title: Filament LED fling the output value of 40 million dollars
Views: 1073 Date: 2016-04-14
LED lamp filament in recent years obtain lighting market, the main buyers attention, mainly because consumers in recent years demand for art lamp, art lamps, crystal lamps and lanterns, classic lamps and lanterns light source, has a tendency to discard the traditional tungsten filament lamp light source and halogen lamp light source for and changed to LED. However, earlier popularity of LED lighting products and can not meet the traditional lighting manufacturers demand in the artistic lamp, so led filament lamp can be the market to emerge.
LED lamp filament is mainly used A19, A60, A55, lighting products, and focus on LED 450lm lighting (by 4 filament) and B35, F35 this specification is 250lm candle lamp with 2-3 filament, antique lamp, candle lamp, ball bubble lights, decoration lights, and so on is existing or to be replaced by the market, and the overall size of the continued growth in.
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