Title: LED industry harvest many of the happiness index higher than other industries
Views: 1172 Date: 2016-04-14
Recently, a named "LED industry collapse tide" of CCTV video special subject in the online uproar, some LED manufacturers also in the gun lying, a time caused an uproar in the industry. Other industry associations, including the mass media are also very curious to call the author, would like to find out what. Then this "closures" is enlarged malicious or really "at stake"? LED industry is difficult, or the dawn still?
The boat began to thump the wall,
Behind the hot topic of "sing decline"
Event cause
Recently, a media spring dinner meeting, invited CCTV and other media reporters to attend. During the dinner, the agency responsible person at the meeting hype led enterprises difficult last year, have thousands of business failures, the industry is on the verge of death. CCTV boy, rich sense of justice, after listening to the "Zhang Zhuanjia" rhetoric, immediately determined to this "crisis" to the public exposure, so the "LED industry collapse tide" thematic appeared, many attended activities surveyed enterprises also innocent gun lying.
As king of the crown, the media, news reports the objective and fair, only from a leaf off global, one-sided or single to conclude that a certain industry, whether there is a biased? As a country prefix of the media, whether it should stay away from superficial gimmick, a fair and reasonable to interpret the truth? Well, Xiaobian digress. Next, the author in-depth business research, to restore the status quo of the most real LED industry.
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