Title: 2016 intelligent lighting will meet a better future
Views: 1270 Date: 2016-04-14
2016 is not only Chinese "13th Five-Year" plan at the beginning of the year, is "2025" full implementation of manufacturing China years. In the "made in China 2025", emphasizing the manufacturing industry in the future is green, energy saving, environmental protection and the development of intelligent, and clearly put forward to accelerate the development of intelligent manufacturing equipment and products, the overall layout and the promotion of intelligent household appliances, intelligent lighting electrical products R & D and industrialization. From this we can know that this will also provide a more powerful policy support for intelligent lighting.
Wisdom hotel full bloom
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"Green Hotel" is often equated with in "economic hotel" or "environment friendly hotel", experts pointed out that the "Green Hotel" is refers to the use of environmental, health, advocate green consumption, ecological protection and rational use of resources of the hotel, the hotel to achieve the sustainable development and achieve the Hotel economic benefits, social benefits and ecological benefits of organic unity.
These modern hotel on the lighting requirements are very high, not only to provide a comfortable, green light, different occasions also need different lighting environment. The traditional lighting control for environmental protection, green these requirements are difficult to achieve, but the line is complex, cumbersome operation. With the improvement of user requirements and the progress of technology, the traditional lighting control because many problems can not be solved and gradually replaced by intelligent lighting control, which has gradually become a trend. Hotel lighting control system not only meet the requirements of the use of the system to control the scene changes, but also should be easy to manage and save energy efficiency.
It is reported that Hilton Huan Peng, Shang Ke actor, HBA similar well-known hotel lock trend direction of hotel industry, the hotel design interpretation of domestic and international hotel design concept and engineering standards, for guests to show the ultimate sensuality and elegant atmosphere. China Hotel Engineering Alliance Secretary General Huang Dan believes that the hotel lighting system design is all welcome an important part of the facility design, intelligent lighting to create atmosphere, to attract customers, but also can improve the work efficiency of the employees and the emergency safety. Hotel industry in China should change the mode of operation, build smart hotel, Swallow Edinburgh Greens Hotel is the future development of China's hotel industry's biggest trend.
Smart home spring comes
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In March this year, the Boao forum for Asia IT leaders Roundtable, Baidu President Zhang Yaqin proposed the "smart +" development ideas, think this is the extension of "Internet plus" and the next station. Internet era has a lot of artificial intelligence applications, natural language search, car license plate recognition, Siri, iPhone, are intelligent applications. With the development of intelligent skills, home life towards intelligent has become an inevitable trend, especially the people's living standards continue to improve on the smart home life to seek more and more intense. Smart home as a blue ocean project, the vision is immeasurable.
It is predicted that in the future, the smart home lighting market will continue to expand. In fact, the development of domestic smart lighting market is very rapid, with the continuous development of a variety of professional and technical, green energy saving and environmental health is also increasingly popular way of life. Insiders are expected to 2020 smart home output will exceed one trillion yuan, smart home market consumption potential is huge, two years after the smart lighting will be expected to enter the room, becoming the main force of smart home market.
Recently, Hongyan electrical appliance released "Hong meters of ecological, interoperability, smart home development strategy, and Huawei, Jingdong, music, State Grid, Gubei, Chongqing Branch in the field of intelligent home reached a strategic cooperation. In addition, Philips, OSRAM and Ge have launched a variety of intelligent LED lighting, as well as more enterprises launched based on ZigBee technology of intelligent lighting control system, all kinds of Bluetooth audio ceiling lamps, bedside lights, panel lights are springing up like pouring out of the market, can be predicted 2016 intelligent lighting market more prosperous.
From the point of view of the current market outlook, intelligent home equipment has begun to take shape in general, no matter from the product itself or the market point of view, LED intelligent lighting are very popular, market potential is very big, although in development there are still immature technology, market is in a new stage, but I believe that with the continuous development of science and technology, intelligent LED lighting will meet a better future.
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