Title: Will start the LED lighting agricultural market
Views: 3778 Date: 2016-05-06

In 2017, according to Japanese corporation experts expect global LED plant growth light is only around $300 million, the Chinese plant factory in the future is expected to reach the Japanese plants more than 10 times the size of the factory. In addition, fill light, seedling (kind of) seed, edible fungus, micro algae, facilities of livestock and poultry and aquaculture and vertical agricultural demand for lamps and lanterns is very huge.

And from the point of business model, LED lighting agriculture has begun to appear some of the more mature case. LED products used in cutting power, reduce operating costs, increase production aspects of performance advantages. Which LED the greenhouse in the fill light has entered the stage of research and development, pilot and promotion, LED plant seed has been applied to achieve scale, and test research in livestock and poultry breeding, aquaculture, has achieved good effect. International giant philips, osram, GE, Siemens, mitsubishi, has been involved in plant factory. Domestic engaged in LED lighting of agricultural enterprises to plant lighting products, such as nanjing, zhejiang, crystal lighting, Henderson hangzhou han hui, jiangsu embellish, west of shenzhen, dongguan light environment, such as Beijing zhonghuan esselte.

Market Research firm Navigant latest Research report also noted that the LED lighting market is expected as early as in 2017 plants 50% of the market sales. So expectations LED lighting market of agriculture in the start of this year, in the next few years, with mature business model, will gradually into the growth period.

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