Title: The role of leds in poultry breeding research
Views: 2358 Date: 2016-05-06

Farmers in chicken coop often install some lights lighting, different lamp its lighting effect also different, of course, today I will tell you something about the role of leds in poultry breeding.

The chicken has superior visual function, can distinguish between light and shade and color. Have experts have studied the leds in poultry breeding will have what effect, have what influence for the growth of broilers. Found in poultry in prophase, the green group of rapid weight gain, feed conversion is lower; At later growth stage, blu-ray group weight gain, feed conversion rate, and body weight, chest heavy, thigh, calf and eviscerated weight of each index by 14.39% ~ 19.86% higher than that of other light group. That compared with red, white, green light in the early growth promote the growth of broilers, and blue light in the late growth promote the growth of broilers. At the same time using the fluorescent lights broilers, found that the blue green poultry breeding under weight effect is significantly higher than raising the chicken under the red, white light. The above results are prompt monochromatic light can significantly affect growth and development of chicken. Different wavelengths of light can affect the activity of poultry, such as raising the chicken sleepiness in red, white, and blue, and green poultry breeding under in more time to gather the food. This may be caused blue-green under raising the chicken in body weight, chest heavy, thigh, calf and eviscerated weight group is significantly higher than red, white light.

Spleen is the largest animal organism immune organs, containing a large number of lymphocytes and macrophages, is the center of the cellular immunity and humoral immunity. When the cellular immunity, lymphatic sheath surrounding arteries thickening; Humoral immunity occurs, hyperplasia of lymphoid nodule, splenic cord plasma cells and macrophages increased significantly. So HE histological staining and immunohistochemical staining methods, research breeding layers in a different light environment spleen morphological changes and the difference of the spleen cell proliferation, provide basic data for raising the lighting industry. The result shows: the red light group of spleen and small diameter during the period of 20 weeks to 37 weeks as the weeks increases, 37 weeks to 52 weeks had no significant change (P > 0.05); Splenic artery lymphatic sheath surrounding area at 37 weeks of fallen, but recovered in 52 weeks. Experimental results showed that red light, in the late egg laying hens spleen cell immune function can be improved.

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