Title: Analysis of the general situation of LED industry development in China
Views: 14259 Date: 2016-05-30
LED what kind of changes to China
As the world's largest lighting products production and export country, the country has 230 billion yuan of annual output value, such a broad market space makes the domestic and foreign LED giants of the Chinese market has been scrambling to expand. With the widespread application of LED technology, the rapid rise of domestic LED companies and rapid expansion of production capacity, to compete for the LED market launched. From the domestic LED industry leading enterprises Sanan optoelectronics to capacity expansion of Kingsland micro to a halfway decent elec, LED industry boom almost swept the industry as a whole, the swift and violent situation that most people in the industry called for vigilance bubble. In recent years, China's LED exports in the world market share a large share, a year after year growth trend. But we should be clear, our advantage is reflected in the low cost of raw materials and labor, this advantage is the most can not afford to fight, low price competition will inevitably disrupt the competition order. Therefore, in a period of rise in the industry to improve the industry environment, starting from the national standards to develop the appropriate industry norms is very necessary.
Competitive advantage of China's LED industry
1, enter the LED market threshold is low
Due to enter the LED market threshold is low, easy to achieve rolling development, so the domestic plant does not need to invest a lot of money. Although China's LED industry foundation is weak, but through the hiring of foreign technical personnel, in technology has made great breakthrough, a lot of enterprises has also been made independent intellectual property rights, with the international giants of the overall gap is shrinking. At present, the domestic part of the advantages of enterprises have core patent technology
2, labor cost advantage
Semiconductor lighting industry, in particular, the chip package and lighting systems industry, is not only a technology intensive industry, but also a labor-intensive industries. China has obvious advantages in labor costs, the development of semiconductor lighting industry, can give full play to the advantages of human resources, promote the relevant industries, increase exports, to absorb employment.
3, the industrial cluster effect gradually revealed
In the face of the semiconductor lighting market of great temptation, domestic led enterprises and the joint efforts of the government, in the northern region of the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta, southeast region, Beijing and Dalian four major areas, China's LED industry has basically formed a relatively complete industrial chain. Overall, the pattern of China's LED industry has a higher degree of industrialization in the south, while the northern relying on a large number of universities and research institutions, product R & D strength. In the geographical distribution, the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta is the domestic LED industry is the most concentrated areas, on the middle and lower reaches of the relatively complete industrial chain, focused on the relevant company of more than 80% of the country, the fastest but also the development of the domestic LED industry area, the comprehensive advantages of the industry is obvious. And such related equipment and raw materials suppliers have in these two regions settled, link with the international application market and convenient for the development of LED industry created a good service and market environment, industry cluster effect is gradually becoming apparent.
4, industrial policy support
China's annual electricity for lighting close to 250 billion degrees, as long as 1/3 of the use of LED lighting, annual savings of 80 billion kwh of electricity, equivalent to the total power generation of the Three Gorges Hydropower station. Therefore, the policy will increase the efficiency of efficient lighting products, and vigorously promote the use of energy-saving, guide and promote energy-saving lamps and lanterns.
5, the market is not easy to form a monopoly
From the point of view of domestic LED application market, domestic architectural lighting, display and traffic signal lamp together accounted for 56%, the total market growth is faster, but the relative dispersion, technical standard is not uniform; in small size backlight and automotive application of a total of only 7%. But the general lighting market is the main market for the future of LED, the domestic market capacity, the end consumer market is also more fragmented, not easy to form a monopoly. Therefore, the domestic enterprise survival space is quite broad.
Disadvantages and risks of LED industry in China
Domestic LED product technology level and overseas there is a certain gap, in the fight for high-end customers at a disadvantage. At present, the domestic enterprises generally small scale, weak technical strength, product grade is relatively low. High performance LED chip and power type LED chip, the domestic can provide is little, high luminous efficiency, high reliable LED application products almost entirely dependent on imports of high-grade epitaxial chip, which seriously restricts the development of LED industry in our country. Coupled with the domestic LED substrate, epitaxy, chip and other aspects of the upper reaches of the chip manufacturing base is weak, as well as the lack of core patents, will enable long-term development of the domestic LED industry is subject to.
Domestic LED industry is also facing a lot of risks, including technical risk, industrial transfer risk and macroeconomic risk. LED belong to the high-tech industry, production technology and product performance needs to continue to improve, the industry can continue to closely follow the technical progress of the LED industry, the company is very important. Once the technology is backward, it will lose market share or even loss, and ultimately will form a vicious circle. At the same time, Taiwan LED industry forces are also constantly enhanced. About 80% of Taiwan's LED packaging production capacity have been moved to the mainland, in the upper reaches of the chip, wafer industry transfer is relatively small, domestic LED industry structure to improve, it is inevitable to encounter the Taiwan funded enterprises in the competition, at present domestic enterprises is at a disadvantage. In addition, the global economic depression has the potential to affect the policies of various countries to support the LED industry, LED products in the western countries and China's penetration rate is also likely to be lower than expected.
How to accelerate the development of LED industry
Along with the extension led to the emerging field of large size back light, street light and so on, the next few years the Chinese LED market will remain rapid growth, it is expected from 2009 to 2011, China's LED market average annual compound growth rate will reach 20.4%, downstream wide
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