Title: Choose the use of LED energy-saving lamps five reasons!
Views: 6065 Date: 2016-05-30
One: LED energy-saving lamps
LED energy saving lamp through the actual test of power consumption than ordinary light bulbs to save 90%, than the ordinary energy-saving lamps to save 60%-70%, the same brightness, do the same thing, but the energy saving effect is very obvious.
Two: LED energy-saving lamps environmental protection
LED energy-saving lamps using aluminum alloy and PC plastic components, do not contain lead, mercury and other toxic substances, recycling rate of 98.5% or more. Will not cause harm to the environment. And ordinary lamps with mercury toxic substances, can not be recycled, but also the idea of dealing with garbage.
Three: LED energy-saving lamps and efficient
LED energy saving lamp adopts high brightness white light LED, the electro-optical conversion efficiency is about 90%, and the calorific value is small, which belongs to the cold light source. The common lamp has about 80% electric energy conversion into heat energy, only about 20% converted into light energy, heat large, so the use of LED energy-saving lamps to high efficiency and energy saving.
Four: LED energy-saving lamps safety
LED energy-saving lamps using aluminum alloy and PC plastic casing assembly, placed in the home or warehouse or is not easy to be damaged in transit, and ordinary lamp belongs to vacuum glass products, with a certain degree of risk. In addition, LED energy-saving lamps driven by DC, no stroboscopic, light efficiency soft, eye protection benefits, and ordinary lamps AC power supply have bright strobe, and LED energy-saving lamp DC power supply no electromagnetic interference, and ordinary lamp electronic rectifier electromagnetic interference.
Five: LED energy-saving lamps long life
LED energy saving lamp is a small power semiconductor products, the normal use of a few years there will be problems, and ordinary lamps are generally not long, the longest 8000 hours, LED energy saving lamp average life of 50 thousand hours.
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