Title: Three Hongkong International Spring lighting show 2016 highlights
Views: 974 Date: 2016-04-08

April 6 - 9, sponsored by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), the eighth HKTDC Hong Kong Spring International Lighting Fair (hereinafter referred to as the "Spring Lantern Festival") at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center is held ceremoniously. The Spring Festival brings together more than 1300 exhibitors from 11 countries and regions. The exhibition for the first time to usher in the exhibitors in Australia, the United Arab Emirates and Ukraine; Mainland China Guangdong Province Jiangmen City, Jiangmen led Pavilion and Zhongshan City, semiconductor lighting industry association has also set up the exhibition hall.

One bright spot: smart lighting products into the focus, the new display area presents smart home
Intelligent lighting products exhibition area for the new offer of this session of the lighting, the area of simulation of the home environment, showing the real intelligent system for home applications, so that visitors experience. Apart from the exhibition area, the exhibition also features a convergence of smart products, high-tech Co. Ltd. (Exhibition: 3D-C15) the development of cool in intelligent wireless system can be Home Furnishing, DIY assembly, and the intelligent control of lighting, household appliances, and programs that real-time monitoring, intelligent home can enjoy the new experience Home Furnishing Synopsys (international first; Ltd. (exhibition): IC-A20) brings intelligent water on the photosphere (LumenSphere), with 16 million kinds of light color, with waterproof and floating function, suitable for pool, outdoor lighting places, to create a fantastic effect; while Fushun photoelectric Polytron Technologies Inc (booth: 3C-B19) at Fushun LED intelligent road lamp scheme, using GPRS, product Zigbee wireless communication technology, the network control state of the region through the street, provides more convenient for intelligent lighting control solutions.

Highlight two: environmental protection and increasing demand for LED products use more widely
In recent years, consumer of energy saving and environmental protection consciousness is not due to enhanced, market of green lighting products demand increasing, LED products continue to flourish, has added a number of interesting design, to meet the practical, decorative and even commercial demand. Korea exhibitors I2MCo., Ltd (booth: 1B-EO7) bring activity lampshade type LED lamp, by 13 mounted collocation can alter the lampshade in heart-shaped, skirt like shape; 3B-C06 Xiang Xu Technology Co., Ltd. (booth), display LED handwritten billboard, the bright LED chip can strengthen the visual effect.
Exhibition is divided into a plurality of exhibition, lights meta Gallery showcase more than 230 well-known brands of lighting series, including Linsen, Jaykal, Ervan, Viribright etc., gathered sections of specially designed, functional excellence of lighting and science and technology.
The largest LED and environmentally friendly lighting snare indoor and outdoor environment and energy saving products, catering to the market needs of more than 430 enterprises. Other exhibition areas include creative Gallery, commercial lighting, decorative lighting, advertising lighting, lighting accessories and parts, hanging Gallery lights, etc..


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