Title: A field of intelligent lighting into a hotly contested spot transformation of the traditional home appliance enterprises
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Intelligent lighting market potential
In recent years, LED industry after a spurt of growth, excess capacity, price war has become increasingly acute contradictions, coupled with the cold market demand, the industry has been estimated 2016 the market size of LED industry growth rate will slow down. But with the gradual popularization of the Internet high-speed development and physical Networking (IOT), especially led more tend to civilians, and begun to enter millions of households, the growth of smart city and smart home makes intelligent lighting has been more and more widely used in daily life, intelligent lighting LED lighting enterprises bring new opportunities.
From the market survey data also can see that the future development of the intelligent lighting is an unstoppable trend, according to the prediction of the institutions, 2016 domestic LED lighting applications market scale will reach 82.3 billion yuan, China is expected to become the global top 5 LED lighting consumption country. Connected lighting company Gooee Vice President John couch previously disclosed, by 2019, the networking technology of intelligent lighting system will be available in software and services for the industry to bring about $55 billion in revenue, and hardware sales income gains only $500 billion. Seen in 2016 and even in the next few years, the field of intelligent lighting will be a red sea!
The giants have the layout of the field of intelligent lighting
Recently, intelligent lighting field can be described as a lively, with "you Changba my debut" to describe more appropriate, however, several industry heavyweights have a lot of motion and disturbed intelligent lighting the field a pool of spring water, Huawei's strong in the field of intelligent lighting is set off the industry bigwigs development upsurge in the field of intelligent layout. It is understood that HUAWEI in the world's largest ICT Technology Exhibition CeBIT 2016 released the first multi-level intelligent control of lighting networking solutions, energy saving 80%. Coincidentally, ZTE communications also announced the BluePillar wisdom Street scheme as the smart city strategy important landing sites. In addition to Huawei, ZTE, nearly two years, all in the enterprise have vigorously develop the field of intelligent lighting, such as Cisco hand in Cree together attacking networking lighting market, and hand in hand Philips layout network office lighting market, Philips, OSRAM and other are increasing the input of intelligent LED lighting lamp. The intelligent lighting industry has gradually become a gangster in the eyes of the meat and potatoes". The industry's giants reason have open up the field of intelligent lighting, is nothing more than fancy smart lighting market has great potential, according to the organizational climate statistics, global Street retains the quantity is about 304 million lights and in 2025 reached 352 million lights. Secondly, the intelligent lighting industry's profit is much higher than the consumer electronics products.
In addition to the intelligent street lamp, intelligent lighting is an important part of smart home, for a period of time ago, strongly rush to possession of the smart home share of traditional home appliance is, naturally will not miss intelligent lighting attractive piece of cake, the traditional home appliances market competition a piece of the Red Sea, and with the macro economy entered a new normal growth, as well as the traditional demand gradually saturated, household electrical appliance enterprises need to open up new business areas, which had advantages of LED color TV production enterprises, intelligent lighting will become the compete for new opportunities. Especially in many traditional home appliance gangster in the smart home appliances as a new business to open up blocked, intelligent lighting will become household electrical appliance enterprises most likely to expand the smart home products, it is likely that the intelligent LED lighting will become the next battlefield. At present, including Haier, the United States have already ahead of the layout of the lighting business.
Intelligent home intelligent lighting first into the people's home?
Beyond doubt, intelligent lighting market of huge potential consumer, but if we say, intelligent lighting products really into the homes of ordinary people, I'm afraid I don't smart home products other than easier.
Although voice in the field of intelligent home recently faded a lot, but secretly contest among the giants never cease, Samsung smartthings smart home platform this system into the new Samsung TV, people through the free Bluetooth adapter can connect all the things at home. There are different approaches but equally satisfactory results with apple HomeKit. Google is developing a smart home control platform suitable for Android system Weave, just like the HomeKit adapter iOS system. In addition, Amazon has also begun quietly build their smart home ecosystem, vigorously develop voice assistant Alexa, to achieve the "dialogue" with more products and equipment. It seems that these big companies are not concerned about the product line itself, they have been working hard to build a smart home ecosystem. So respected these giant intelligent ecosystem, regardless of whether or not ultimately help they opened the market of smart home, it can be predicted, the smart home market need orderly ecological of things, this is the for the industry as a whole are a good thing, but for the present, from the real into the family even better long way to go.
And intelligent lighting landing is not imagined so smooth. Intelligent lighting in the development process, is also facing some difficulties. From the technology, the general intelligent lighting products are strobe, process of operation appear discoloration is not synchronized, products homogenization phenomenon is serious; from the consumer level, intelligent lighting products, the price is still very expensive, intelligent lighting is not Hui and the average family, let consumers of intelligent lighting produced conflict of consumer psychology, and starting from the angle of enterprises, some well-known manufacturers worry that a contradiction in the market of the traditional production of intelligent lighting products and lighting products, and small plants and do not have the intelligence research according to
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